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Boat/Watercraft Insurance in Texas

Safety and financial security are a huge concern for any individual who makes big investments, and insurance is one of the ways to ensure that you worry less while taking risks. Boat or watercraft ownership is one such investment, and to some it's a dream come true. You get to enjoy time out on the water alone, with friends, or family in the summer for fishing, a scenic cruise, or relaxing while sailing.

Unfortunately, you and your marine vehicles may be caught up in unforeseen circumstances. Accidents can happen, despite where you are, even in the water. However, such circumstances do not mean that you abandon all hope of ever enjoying yourself doing the things you love most in your watercraft or should cause paranoia about everything that may happen. Get your vessel insured with Thompson Insurance Services in Highland Village, Texas.

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We offer Texas, Arizona, and Nevada residents a reliable boating insurance policy to cover your various insurance needs. Our coverage extends to watercraft like yachts, sail and fishing boats, jet skis, performance boats, bass boats, and a variety of marine vehicles. Select from our wide variety of options depending on the type, size, and value of your water vessel. Some of our coverage options for your boat include any potential physical loss or damage to the vessel by theft and vandalism, accidents like boat collision, weather wreckage, mechanical breakdown, and damage caused by underinsured or uninsured boaters. We cover all your equipment and accessories including the hull, furnishings, fittings, and machinery as per the agreed value or on a cash value policy. With us, you also get personal damage coverage like bodily injury and medical payments, damage to another person’s property, and guest occupant liability coverage.

Here in Texas, it is common for some boat owners to use basic standard coverage or add-ons to their homeowner's insurance. However, it would be more advisable to get a boat-specific policy. Visit or consult with us in Highland Village, TX, for the best offers and Texas-specific boating policies. For more information, contact us today.

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