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RV Insurance in Texas

Owning a recreational vehicle is fun and offers a novel way to travel and have fun across the country. It is, however, a significant investment and owners need to treat it as such. Other than budgeting for its maintenance costs, it is vital to have RV insurance for financial stability and protection.

Your standard vehicle insurance may extend to the recreational vehicles, but it is best to have RV insurance to assist in protecting you from the specific risks that your recreational vehicle may face.

When shopping for RV insurance in Texas, there are several things to put into consideration, like the kind of coverage you want for your vehicle. At Thompson Insurance Services in Highland Village, TX, we offer individuals interested in buying RV insurance with numerous choices and coverage options to choose from that suits their situation. We also assist people in making the right decisions after listening to their needs. Our policies fulfill the requirements of the state of Texas, and they can include:

Liability insurance

This coverage helps in protecting the insured against costs associated with property damage and bodily injuries to other people when the insured is liable for the accident. This policy is a requirement since paying for such costs can be expensive and without the insurance coverage, one might be unable to compensate the affected.


This coverage pays for any damages done to the vehicle caused by other circumstances such as animals, storms, and vandalism.


It caters for repair and replacement costs of the car if it is involved in a crash that you are found at fault.

Vacation liability

This coverage, just like the standard RV liability coverage, pays for damages done to another person. However, it only applies if the car causes harm to someone else's property when it is being used for vacation purposes.

With the proper coverage, your RV can be fully protected. If you are in the DFW area, come to Thompson Insurance Services in Highland Village, TX and learn more about RV insurance. You can also contact us to get a quote and have your questions answered.

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