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Classic Car Insurance in Texas

Unlike most cars, classic or Antique cars appreciate in value. Due to this factor, they require a particular kind of insurance coverage. Here are some of the important considerations you need to look at before you purchase a classic car insurance cover in Texas.

Type of Car

The style or brand of your vehicle will play a huge role in determining whether you qualify for a classic car policy in the state of Texas. Vehicles that fall under such categories include classic vehicles, parade cars, and Sunday drivers.

Car Age Limitations

Thompson Insurance Services offers protection for classic cars only they meet the following specifications. Your vehicle should be 10-24 years old, not a daily driver, and stored in ideal conditions. A vehicle qualifies as an Antique car if it’s more than 25 years old. Additionally, the classic or antique car should be in topnotch condition and used only on a limited time basis.

Driver Background

It is essential to know that apart from your car's age, there are age restrictions imposed on the driver of the car. Individuals who have attained the majority age are the only people set to benefit from classic car coverage. Furthermore, the insurance agency will take into consideration the driving history, as well as the experience of the stated driver who uses the car.

Storage Requirements

Insurance companies recommend and at times require the owner of the car to properly store the vehicle in a precise and secure area specially designated for the car. If you meet all the stated conditions and requirements, then you automatically qualify for the Classic car Insurance cover.

Thompson Insurance Services, located in Highland Village, TX, is an independently owned insurance company dedicated to providing its customers with the best insurance services in Texas, Arizona, and Nevada. We work together with our clients to provide them with quality and reliable classic car insurance coverage solutions. Kindly call or visit our office in Texas to learn more about our classic car insurance services.

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